The Latest Turmoil…

As noted in our previous posts, the kite surfing industry is very competitive and dominated by many, small brands. Recently, our team has been discussing whether or not it is worth the investment in establishing Engine kites as its own brand, or if we should propose some sort of partnership with an existing kite company. We feel we could establish a significant market presence through marketing our kites as “your first kite” and trying to increase conversion from surfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. However, recently we have been considering also proposing a partnership to a large, well-established outdoors/extreme sports company that has not yet entered the kite surfing market, take Patagonia, for example. This is would be a big change to our business model and will require a lot more research and thought, but just it is something we intend to explore as we learn more about our channels this week.
In other news, I chatted with founder of KGB Kites today as he was driving out to Utah for some snowkiting. Snowkiting, as the name implies, is essentially kite surfing in the snow and has been attracting attention from both the surfing and skiing communities recently.
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