4th prototype in the works

Our 4th (and hopefully final) prototype is quickly coming together. The big difference between this one and the last one is how the patterns were printed. Instead of printing out the patterns on printer paper and then taping them together which resulted in a lot of inaccuracy my good friend Jack Schow let me use his wide format printer so I could print out whole panels at once. This itself was a challenge that involved digitally “taping” the pages together but it worked great and now I have the best patterns ever! The other differences between this kite and previous versions is that the leading edge is thinner to cut down on weight, the foil is a bit thinner to make it sit farther forward in the wind window, and it has an extra set of struts to increase the stiffness of the wing tips (improves responsiveness). Things are a little hectic but I’m doing my best to get this girl in the air and make sure she is perfect asap so that we can pull the trigger on the patent process.

One of the panels ready to be traced onto fabric and cut

Patterns are now 99% accurate if not perfect

Here is a quick clip of the proto #4 (graphics need work)

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