The more we think about it, the more we believe getting current wind condition data for our site is a great way to generate some traffic. In addition to researching what hardware is best, we’ve been reaching out to the property owners at the beaches we identified as kitesurfing hotspots to see if they’d be open to letting us put a wind sensor on their property. The private property owners have been enthusiastic about it, and we are waiting to hear back from the park service about putting sensors on state land. We are imagining a simple wind sensor hooked up to a Sprint smartphone and maybe a small solar panel, which can then transmit the data to our PC. It’s gotta be a Sprint smartphone because all the public parks have Sprint radio towers so we’ll be sure to get service. We are still figuring out the set-up, but will report back once it’s nailed down.

In researching other surf condition and forecasting sites, we came across some great data on Surfline. Surfline is the largest water sports media company in the world, reaching over 1.7 million unique users every month. They feature high-demand surfing editorial content, video content, as well us surf forecasting and current surf conditions. While we don’t intend to become the next surfline, there is not an equivalent site for kitesurfing and we have confirmed through our interviews that the demand for current wind conditions is very real. We also were able to get some great demographic data from surfline, summarized below:

  • 92% of user are male
  • 93% of users surf at least once a week
  • 51% snowboard
  • 53% skateboard regularly
  • 26 is the average users age
  • $68,000 is the average income of users
  • 55% are active gamers

This is pretty powerful information that will help inform our marketing strategy. In particular, it is a nice confirmation of our hypothesis that there is potential for high converstion from snowboarders to kitesurfers, since many already surf. Surfline has 120 thousand daily unique users that average 9 minutes on the site and visit an average of 8.8 pages.

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