Initial costumer impressons

This week I finished the 4th and by far best prototype to date. I was hoping to take it to the beach, let people demo it and film people’s responses/try to sell it. Unfortuneately is was a beautiful sunny weekend with no wind so that didn’t happen. As a plan B I made a video demonstrating how the kite works (I’m not comfortable putting it on the blog because it gives too much away) and sent it to people I trust that kite. Here are some initial key quotes from peoples responses to that video. All these people kite pretty well and have strong opinions about gear. Key points are that performance takes priority over cost or anything else and that people would pay an extra $200 -$500 just for having the zipper on there.

“Looks interesting. I could see this marketed as a one kite quiver which would be really nice for travel. Price, it could go for the equivalent of a kite and a half I would think. Performance an durability would be key”

“I would pay maybe 200 bucks more for that feature”

“rad idea for your kite I like the idea of haveing the ability to change kites without having to walk to your car and pump up another kite. as long as the kite performance was the same I would say it would be worth at least 50% more [$500]”

“If this kite rocked it – just flew amazingly, and the price was significantly less than the cost of two kites – I could see it being appealing. If the kite flew at a mediocre level, the cost was only minimally different than the cost of two kites…I’d definitely go for the 9m and 7m kites (more range and no alteration necessary)”

As always a post needs a picture. Having fun getting a little tunnel vision at Scotts Creek last weekend.

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