Kiting Vacations

This post comes late, I forgot to blog about the work we’ve done exploring partnerships with hotels and resorts. We figured that many people not normally in the “extreme sports crowd” are still inclined to try sports like kite-surfing when on vacation. Turns out there’s a big market for this! Targeting consumers in this field is not a new idea, I think what really sets us apart is our value prop which offers prospective kiters with an easier and cheaper way to get started. We called over 20 hotels and resorts in areas where kitesurfing is particularly concentrated to see how popular kitesurfing is as an activity for tourists. Around California, Florida, and Hawaii were good places to start. When we posed as prospective guests, most hotels were able to connect us kiteboarding schools or instructors that they already partner with. We asked how popular the sport was and they said it seems to be increasing in popularity each year.

We then called other hotels/resorts to see about the possibility of partnering with them: offering free kiting lessons in exchange for a commission on sales of our kite. The response was largely positive! Still, some hotels did require that companies they worked with had hefty insurance policies.

Here are some places that already offer kite surfing vacations:

  1. Club Med: Kitesurfing Vacation
  2. Hotel Wailea: Kiteboarding Package
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