Well we didn’t have time to blog about it last week since we were stretched pretty thin getting our presentation in on our time, but we made 5 sales! Sort of.  We couldn’t actually sell anything, since we don’t have any kites to sell. However, we did get 5 firm commitments to purchase (and I’m working on a sixth). These commitments came from an email blast to 40 people who submitted their emails to our website after a facebook I posted a link about Engine Kites. That’s a 12% conversion with zero marketing or sales effort and while it’s certainly a self-selected group, we feel pretty good about it. Furthermore and perhaps most exciting, none of our “customers” have ever kited before, which is a fantastic validation of our customer segment hypothesis. E.g. that we are lowering the barrier to entry for prospective kites. So good news on that front and I am continuing to try and russle up new prospects in hopes of getting enough commitments to purchase that we can submit a factory order of 20 kites with each one accounted for.

On a different note, while we believe our kite is geared toward the prospective and average Joe kiter crowd, we though it was worth showing it to some pro kiters to get their feedback on the idea. Below are some quotes from our interviews, and as you can see, the feedback was largely positive. The big takeaway was that performance is what matters. The fact that it is adjustable is cool and would cause them to choose it over other kites, assuming it performed just as well. So, that’s a great insight and we’ll have to do some more testing and prototyping before we can honestly say Engine Kites performance is competitive, but it is still exciting feedback to get.

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